15 Criminal Counts for Sterling Burglar

Troopers took a Sterling burglar into custody as the suspect was continuing his theft spree on Wednesday evening, troopers on the Kenai Peninsula revealed.

Troopers got a call reporting a burglary at 5:50 pm on Wednesday from an address on Scout lake Loop Road. As troopers were investigating that report, another call came in reporting a vehicle theft that was occurring at a nearby address.

Troopers undertook a search for the purloined vehicle, and soon found the purple 2009 Buick Enclave at an address on the outskirts of Sterling.

The  ensuing investigation found that 29-year-old Seth Adam Perri Fulton had stolen the vehicle, and additionally broke into three buildings at the scene of the first investigation, destroying property while burglarizing and stealing items from the buildings. It was also found that Fulton had also attempted to burglarize another building, but was unsuccessful.

When Fulton was placed under arrest, it was found that he was intoxicated and had been so while stealing the Enclave, so was charged with DUI. This was only the first of a long list of charges leveled at Fulton that included Burglary I x2, Burglary I, Burglary II, Criminal mischief III x2, Criminal Mischief IV, Theft IV x2, Vehicle  Theft I, and Criminal Trespass I x4.

Fulton was transported to Kenai and remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility without bail to await arraignment.