2017 Escapee Caught in North Pole after Fleeing into the Woods

Early Sunday morning, while attempting to contact a North Pole man, he fled in his vehicle, ASST reported.

At 4:20 am on Sunday morning, troopers attempted to contact 38-year-old North Pole resident John Orrison at a home on Dee Lane in that community. Rather than confront troopers, however, Orrison, who was wanted on a $10,000 Escape II warrant, chose to flee. He took off in his vehicle and attempted to flee the scene. In his attempt, he crashed into the troopers patrol vehicle and then into a snowbank. Orrison determined he would have a better outcome on foot, so, exited his vehicle and fled into the woods.

Approximately an hour and a half, at 5:54 am, Orrison was located on Badger Road and “placed him under arrest without incident,” AST reported.

Orrison was serving time for a May 2017 conviction for Failure to stop when he was charged in November for Escape.

He will be arraigned on Monday afternoon at 1:30 pm in Fairbanks court.