ABI Investigates Death of Perryville Man Who Put his Arm through Window

The  Alaska Bureau of Investigation has been asked to attend the autopsy of a Perryville man who died after having an altercation with a family member on Monday morning, troopers revealed in the trooper dispatch.

At approximately midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, troopers were notified of the death of 25-year-old Jared Kaiakokonok from self sustained injuries from glass cuts in a broken window.

According to the investigation, Kaiakokonok got into a fight with a family member. Following the altercation, Kaiakokonok hit a window, breaking it. When he put his arm through the window, he sustained severe injuries to his extremity, and lost a significant amount of blood.

Kaiakokonok was rushed to the Village Clinic, where health aies worked to staunch the flow of blood and save Kaiakokonok’s life. They were unsuccessful and he was pronounced deceased at the clinic.

Kaiakokonok’s remains were flown to King Salmon then on to Anchorage for autopsy.

Troopers say the investigation into Kaiakokonok’s death is continuing. His next of kin have been notified of the incident.