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  • Ernest Grolimund

    There’s local, state, federal government negligence in not stopping and preventing individual health problems next to burners. That is part of the cause of Fairbanks problem. The pollution at houses is higher per EPA modeling fo stoves, fireplaces, and wood boilers. Wood smoke pm2.5 pollution is 5 times more toxic per EPA and DHHS studies. Toxic gases are not being stopped. Stds do not even exist and monitoring is too difficult. 180 toxic gases exist. The pollution is also synergistic. Indiv stds do not address the synergistic effect. DHHS experts write there is no safe level of any kind of smoke you can see or smell. The smell is everywhere but a criminally blind eye exists to it. The intent of the clean air act is not enforced to stop pollution “ANYWHERE”, like at individual houses. The EPA OIG says the entire monitoring system no longer protects life, health and safety like it used to when pollution was mainly from oil and gas combustion. The pollution is not uniformly distributed. Mobile monitoring does not measure pm at houses where down draft effects multiply it. DHHS must be invovled too. DHHS Essential Services language requires health problems be prevented as a health problem. It is an engineering problem that modeling can prevent but politicians will not allow good engineering. BACT is illegal if it is unsafe. No one is checking pm conc and pm doses. Emission factors must be checked to pm conc and are not. Corruption has to be suspected and investigated as well as fraud by the hearth industry like it was for tobacco. The equipment is not safe, not green, not sexy, not good for climate because it is carbon neutral. It is cheap for the burners but the costs to victims is ignored. Old practices of the past are ignored such as curfews. The old government officials of 1,000 years ago knew the smoke was unhealthy and at least did this. Stoves are choked to burn all night and the pm2.5 conc increases. Judges say that life and health take priority over everything including money and economics and the viccisitudes of politicians but politicians are so intent on not angering 25% of the population they ignore the 75% who want all types of air pollution stopped, including hotspot pollution and individual health nuisances now known to be immanent dangers because of heart attacks and asthma attacks. Try converting visibility maps to pm maps using EPA recommended science. Typically, base pm2.5 is about 25 mcg/m3. Ave pm2.5 is about 50 mcg/m3. Pm2.5 at houses next to burners is 75 mcg/m3 heating a whole house for burn wise operation. The toxic equivalent is 150 mcg/m3 to compare to the pm2.5 std. But wise burning is rare. Unwise burning is so common it threatens health. All threats, just threats, must be stopped and prevented but lawyers have to be brought I to argue the facts and they are required to prove everything using expensive science and lawyers. Foolproof engineering must be done like is done for modern oil and gas heating devices. Judges say err on the side of safety but this is not being done. Safety factors are not being used. All this shows that politicians cannot be trusted with science and engineering matters. US Ethics Codes require the teachings of professions be followed. The Civil Engineering profession writes that all combustion causes threats to life, health, and safety through new forms of air pollution and climate change. But the President will not recognize climarte change and an EPA Administrator is appointed who has said he wants to eliminate the Agency and he praises the negligence of the government officials who may be largely republican in that freedom loving state. But life and safety take priority over liberty per the constitution. We can’t do anything that can kill, injure, poisen, sicken or even bother. Unfortunately, the high law is ignored for low pm2.5 stds for official monitors only. And the pollution is not just in Fairbanks or Alaska. Nor Salt Lake City. Frenchmans Bay in Maine has been photographed with 2 mile visibility looking down to the water which is 150 mcg/m3 pm2.5, yet that visibility is ignored by the park and DEP and a monitor at 700 feet is used instead of monitoring at sea level in Bar Harbor. And what about meat smokers? The Monkees songs warned about the charcoal burning everywhere whole no one seems to care. Even gas fired meat smokers create noxious odors. Air pollution is still largely uncontrolled and the lessons of the London Fog Air Pollution Disaster are largely lost. Good combustion engineering requires gasification, air, and spark. Engineering professors designed and constructed wood stoves with automobile technology using sensors and computers. But all the stove companies care about is decreasing costs for more sales. Meanwhile, the asthmatic children run to their parents saying Daddy, Daddy I can’t breath. Who cares about them?