Anchorage Man Arrested on Kidnapping/Animal Cruelty Charges after Early Morning Stand-Off

After a stand-off with SWAT that persisted for over four hours on Thursday morning, a 28-year-old Anchorage man gave himself up to officers at 5:50 am, APD told the public.

A call went in to APD at 1:12 am on Thursday morning reporting that a woman was being held against her wishes by a knife-wielding man, identified as James Roy Nanalook, age 28. It was told to police that Nanalook, who did not live at the residence, had strangled the woman’s two cats. Police immediately responded to the residence on the 1500 block of Karluk Street and set up a perimeter.

Several announcements were made by police, which Nanalook ignored.

After several attempts by the woman to leave the residence, she was ultimately successful at approximately 2:43 am. Once free, she related the circumstances of the incident to police. The female told them that the two had been drinking and that an argument broke out when she discovered what she thought was empty drug packaging in Nanalook’s clothing.

She also told officers that she had not at any time felt as if she were in danger of being assaulted and that, although Nanalook had strangled her cats, he had not killed them. She told APD that Nanalook had held the knife to his own throat and had made suicidal threats that included “suicide by police.”

A short time later, SWAT arrived at the scene, but Nanalook continued to ignore instructions by APD. When he did begin to interact with police, he threatened to “blow up the house using the gas line.” In response, the gas line to the home was shut off.

Officers continued to negotiate with Nanalook, and at 5:50 am, he came out of the residence with his knife to his throat. Four minutes later, Nanalook dropped the knife and gave up to officers.

After inspecting the residence, they found no evidence that the gas line had been tampered with.

Nanalook was charged with Kidnapping, Animal Cruelty, and a Probation Violation. He was transported to the Anchorage Jail where he was remanded.