Anchorage Officer, Woman Stabbed During Carrs Disturbance Call

Anchorage Police Chief Chris Tolley gave a press conference to reveal some of the details of last night's Carrs incident. Image-KTUU video screengrab

Anchorage Police Chief Chris Tolley gave a press conference to reveal some of the details of last night’s Carrs incident. Image-KTUU video screengrab

Just after midnight, Anchorage Police taking part in overnight patrol responded to the Carrs Grocery store at 7731 East Northern Lights to investigate a disturbance, APD announced. During the response, one officer sustained significant injuries during an arrest.

Store employees called police after a woman at the store went back into the store “to gain refuge and safety among the store employees,” it was reported.

The officers made contact with a man outside the store just minutes after midnight.

The man, who was identified by Police Chief Chris Tolley at an early morning press conference, as 26-year-old Armando Walker, was uncooperative as officers attempted to talk to him about the disturbance call.

The man initiated a fight with the officers, and another person jumped in to help subdue him. As the fight progressed, officers tasered the suspect twice and took him into custody.

After Walker was in custody, one of the officers realized that he had sustained a stab wound during the altercation. A woman also was stabbed. APD declined to identify either victim.

Both the officer and the woman were taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries. The 36-year-old woman underwent surgery for her injuries, while the officer received staples and stitches for his injuries.

Both are recovering from their wounds.

The investigation discovered that Walker had followed the woman from the store and attempted to get into her vehicle. That is when she retreated back into the store. According to the investigation, Walker was acquainted with the woman, but did not arrive at the store with her.

The officer had recently graduated from the academy in December, and was in the “field training stage,” Chief Tolley reported.

Tolley said that as the day progresses, charging documents in the incident will be filed.