Anchorage Teen Facing 26 Sexual Assault/Assault Charges

19-year-old Jim Persey. Image-APD

19-year-old Jim Persey. Image-APD

Anchorage teen, 19-year-old Jim Persey, is facing 24 felony charges and two misdemeanor charges, after a year of investigations by the Anchorage Police Department, it was announced by District Attorneys in Anchorage this week.

Persey actions were initially looked into by APD investigators over a year ago, and then was first charged with one count of Sexual Assault I in April of 2016 in a separate case. It was revealed by the initial two victims, that they had met Persey on the “MeetMe” online dating site. After meeting up with Persey, he forced himself on them, sexually assaulted, and choked them. In one instance, threatening on victim with a knife at his home.

As the investigation continued, investigators suspected that there were more victims, and so released a public message with a mugshot. Ultimately eight more victims came forward and related their encounters with Persey.

Of the 26 felony charges leveled against Persey, 15 are Sexual Assault I charges, four are for Sexual Assault II, and five  counts of Assault II and III, and two counts of Assault IV.

Like APD, the District Attorney’s office, suspect that there may still be more of Persey’s victims that have yet to come forward.

APD is asking that anyone with relevant information in connection with this case to please call APD Detective Chris Thomas at 907-786-8900, or anonymously at Crimestoppers.