Angered Teen Stabs Mother's Boyfriend over Turkey Leftovers

On November 25th, police in Winchester, Indiana were called to a residence on North West Street in Winchester for the report of a stabbing at a residence there.

According to the police report of the incident that took place the Sunday after Thanksgiving, an 18-year-old teen, Taz Miller, had become engraged at his mother’s live-in boyfriend, Christopher Teer, for eating the turkey leftovers off of his plate that he had brought home from his grandmothers.

According to the statement given by the mother in the police interview, the teen was so angered by the missing turkey that even when the boyfriend apologized and replaced the missing turkey the teen would have none of it.

Apparently, after the initial arguement over the pilfered bird, the boyfriend went to the bedroom and Miller went to the kitchen. The boyfriend, Teer, heard the kitchen drawer open according to the police report, and then Miller entered the bedroom with a serrated kitchen knife and told Teer, “I am going to f****ing kill you!” then proceeded to attack and stab Teer with the knife.

The mother of the teen tried to pull Miller from Teer as he stabbed the victim. Teer said during the fight he was able to kick the knife away from Miller, but not before he was stabbed in the upper arm and thigh. Now unarmed, the engraged teen proceeded to strangle the boyfriend.

Police found evidence at the scene to corraborate the mother’s and the boyfriend’s stories. A serrated kitchen knife, bent at a 45 degree angle with human tissue still stuck to the tip of the blade was found in the bedroom. Teer was found to have two knife wounds and marks consistant with strangulation on his neck and was battered and bruised.

Miller, who describes himself as a “Fighter and Rapper” on his Twitter page, told police that he had become angry when the boyfriend ate his leftovers and grabbed a knife. Although the teen said that he didn’t know if he caused any injury to the victim, Miller’s clothing was covered in blood when the police talked to him.

Miller is now incarcerated in lieu of a $25,000 bond.