APD Seeks Whereabouts of Released Convicted Murderer Darin Jones

APD is seeking the whereabouts of convicted murderer, 50-year-old Darin Jones on  a probation warrant. Image-APD

APD is seeking the whereabouts of convicted murderer, 50-year-old Darin Jones on a probation warrant. Image-APD

APD has informed the public that a “probations warrant” has been issued for the arrest of convicted murderer, 50-year-old Darin Jones, who was released from prison after his incarceration in his murder case that concluded in September of 2002.

Although Jones was sentenced to 25 years as a result of his plea deal in the death of 27-year-old Shane P. Roberts, online court records show that he was out and had convictions as early as 2012, and most recently a drug possession conviction in late 2016. It was this recent drug conviction that prompted prosecutors to petition revocation of Jones’es probation.

During his sentencing hearing in 2002, then-Assistance District Attorney Jack Smith said, “He has prior assaultive behavior — he shot at someone before this. There is every indication he knew he had a drug problem, that he was ordered after the last incident to not use drugs, to not own a handgun. When he uses drugs he has a tendency to use guns, then becomes paranoid and violent.”

Jones and Rogers were on their way to the State Fair in Palmer, in a Datsun, when the shooting occurred, court records show. They were smoking meth and at some point, they got involved in an argument and a pistol was grabbed from the dashboard by Jones, a struggle ensued and the weapon was fired. This first shot missed Rogers, but a second bullet fired later, did not, striking Rogers in the chest killing him.

Jones hid Roger’s remains at mile 65.5 of the Glenn Highway and then drove back to Anchorage and abandoned the Datsun near Old Seward and Dowling. When police investigated the vehicle, they discovered Jones’es driver’s license in the seat and Roger’s blood in the passenger seat. He  was located at his home a short distance away in possession of a firearm and was placed under arrest.

Days after Jones’es arrest, Robert’s body was discovered on the Glenn.

In 2002, just before sentencing Jones to 52 years with 27 suspended,  Anchorage Superior Court Judge Dan Hensley said, “Mr. Jones is dangerous if I go by his history, and it’s a long history.”

APD describes Jones as “5’6” tall, 200 pounds, bald with tattoos around his mouth and lips.”

If anyone has information on Jones’ whereabouts, they are asked to please call APD Dispatch at 786-8900 (press “0” to speak with an operator).  To remain anonymous you may contact Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or online at www.anchoragecrimestoppers.com.