Armed Man Rampages in Mid-Town

The 1300-1400-block of Ingra Street in Anchorage. Image-Google Maps

The 1300-1400-block of Ingra Street in Anchorage. Image-Google Maps

An Anchorage man was apprehended after he terrorized several victims with a handgun on the 1300-block of Ingra on Sunday evening.

APD responded to the scene at 10:42 pm on Sunday night on Ingra Street after receiving a shots-fired call. The suspect, later identified as Ronte Lee Benedict, 30, fled on foot when he saw the patrol vehicles arriving at the scene. After a brief foot-chase, Benedict was taken intro custody.

The investigation at the scene found that Benedict encountered his first victim in the victim’s yard. That victim got into a verbal altercation with Benedict, but when Benedict brandished a firearm, the victim ran inside his residence fearing he would be shot. Benedict stole a bike from that residence and rode away down an alley.

As Benedict rode north through the alley, he encountered his second victim as that person was getting into their vehicle. Again, Benedict produced his firearm, and this time placed it to the victim’s head demanding the vehicle. The vehicle owner acquiesced to Benedict’s demand and Benedict got into the vehicle, but was unable to operate it. Benedict fled south down the alley.

That was when Benedict encountered his third victim and pointed his weapon at that person. Benedict’s 4th and 5th victims heard the commotion and when outside to see what was going on. Benedict saw the two exit the apartment and began walking towards them, this caused the two to run back into the apartment in fear for their lives.

Benedict began yelling and firing off rounds from his handgun, striking an apartment door twice, then began banging on a door at the apartment complex with the butt of his gun.

After his arrest, officers noticed the odor of alcohol; on Benedict. He was taken to the Anchorage Correctional Complex, where he began banging his head against a divider, police said. Benedict refused to give officers a sample of his breath, refused to follow officer instructions and became aggressive. As a result, Benedict was placed in full restraints.

“Benedict was¬†charged with Robbery I, four counts of Assault III, Misconduct Involving a Weapon II and IV, Theft IV and Attempted Vehicle Theft.¬† He was remanded at the Anchorage Jail,” police report.