Arrest Warrant Issued for Crooked Creek Man Gone Berserk

trooperarrestA $10,000 warrant has been issued for a Crooked Creek man after an incident in that community early Wednesday morning, the trooper dispatch reports.

After receiving a report of an altercation in Crooked Creek on Wednesday, Alaska Wildlife Troopers and an Aniak-based VPSO traveled to the village 120 miles northeast of Bethel along the north bank of the Kuskokwim River.

When the troopers and VPSO arrived at the village, they reported that their  investigation revealed that 33-year-old Ignattie Sakar, while intoxicated and armed, fired the firearm outside of a residence, then threatened to shoot the people inside. It was reported to the troopers that Sakar had broke down the door with an axe, then entered and burglarized the home.

By the time the troopers and VPSO could respond to the scene on Wednesday, Sakar had fled the area.

A $10,000 arrest warrant for Assault III, Burglary I, Criminal Mischief III, Misconduct Involving Weapons IV, and Crimiinal Trespass I, has been issued.