Black Angus Suspect Stabs Two with Broken Beer Bottle, Bludgeons One with Chain

The Black Angus Inn on Gambell Street. Image-Google Maps

The Black Angus Inn on Gambell Street. Image-Google Maps

An alcohol-fueled incident at the Black Angus Inn on Gambell Street on Sunday resulted in three injuries, APD reported.

According to the report, just after 3 pm on Sunday afternoon, a suspect, whose name was not divulged to the public, was drinking in a room with a group of people. At some point, he broke a beer bottle and stabbed a male and female in the head then left the room. Then, the suspect acquired a chain and used it to hit a female in the hall over the head with it. The woman was not connected to the group in the room, police said.

After that incident, the suspect left the hotel with two security guards in pursuit. As the suspect ran away, he struck at vehicles with the chain in his possession. The guards caught¬†up to the suspect and struggled to cuff him. During the scuffle, one of the security guard’s firearm discharged. No one was injured by the shot fired.

Officers arrived at the hotel scene at approximately 3:21 pm. The two women and one man with injuries were transported to local hospitals for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect and the two security guards were transported to APD for questioning.