Bruce King Eludes Police Again

37-year-old Bruce Allen King is the subject of warrants for multiple counts of vehicle theft, reckless endangerment and assault. Image-APD

37-year-old Bruce Allen King is the subject of warrants for multiple counts of vehicle theft, reckless endangerment and assault. Image-APD

Anchorage police were close on the trail of the suspect in the New Years Day Car theft that included a small child strapped into a car seat on Sunday, but the suspect, 37-year-old Bruce Allen King, managed to elude them.

In that January 1st incident, King jumped into a 2012 Nissan Sentra, that had been left running on the 200 block of McCarrey Street in Mountain View. What King was not aware of, was that there was a three-year-old girl strapped into her car seat in the back seat.

A short time later, the vehicle would be located behind the Bragaw Street Brown Jug. The little child was also found still in the vehicle-unharmed.

Felony arrest warrants would be issued for King on charges of Vehicle Theft and Reckless Endangerment for that New Year’s afternoon theft and inadvertent abduction.

Two weeks later, on Sunday, January 15th, King would strike again. This time, King found a blue 2003 Dodge Dakota left running in a Boniface driveway. This time, King stole a vehicle that had several firearms in it.

By the next day, the vehicle’s owner would locate his stolen truck “in front of a trailer on the 1500 block of Hoyt Street,” just after noon on Monday, police reported.

Police were contacted, and when they arrived, they would find the vehicle occupied by a driver and a passenger. Commands were given, and the female passenger complied and exited the vehicle. But, the driver, who would later be identified as King, attempted to flee, but got stuck in the snow, officers said. After getting stuck, King got out of the vehicle and fled on foot.

APD began combing the area for King. Police came to an area where a citizen was checking his mail at roadside mailboxes. That person, seeing the police, came over to talk with them. While that man approached the officer, King jumped from hiding, climbed into the vehicle, and attempted to drive away.

The driver, seeing King driving off with his vehicle, ran after the vehicle and grabbed at the open drivers-side door and got into a “verbal altercation” with King. King hit the vehicle owner several times, and drug the man alongside the vehicle until the owner finally let go. King then accelerated away.

As a result of the incidences on Sunday and Monday, an additional $20,000 felony arrest warrant has been issued for King for two charges of Vehicle Theft and two counts of Assault III.

Police describe King as “5’09” tall, 160 pounds with red hair and brown eyes.” he is also believed to be armed.

APD is asking anyone with information regarding King’s whereabouts to call “Police Dispatch at 786-8900 (press “0” to speak with an officer).  To remain anonymous you may call Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or online at

King has an extensive arrest record in the state. His crimes include DUIs, multiple cases of assault, convictions for failure to stop, as well as escape.