Chitina Man Arrested Following Death Threats

Troopers responded to a Chitina residence after receiving a call reporting a man threatening residents there with a firearm.

The caller reported that 29-year-old Dustin Slocum was at the residence and was “threatening people with a gun saying he was going to kill them,” the trooper dispatch reported on Wednesday.

The trooper investigation revealed that Slocum was at his residence with his significant other and five children ranging in age from four months to six years old.

Troopers managed to open up communications with Slocum and talk him out of the structure, and he was placed under arrest “without incident.”

As the investigation continued, it would be discovered that methamphetamine and marijuana in the home.

Slocum was transported to the Glennallen post and detained there to await arraignment on three counts of Assault III DV.