Disposal of Old Dynamite in Big Delta Almost Complete

image30-06-2014 08.34.58Alaska State Troopers reported on Sunday that a large portion of the degraded dynamite found in a building a the Big Delta area last Wednesday has been destroyed.

On Wednesday, troopers revealed that 115 pounds of explosives had been found in a garage on Spengler Road in the Big Delta area. The dynamite was found by a friend of the building’s owner as he was cleaning out the shop. The owner, Charles Anderson, is recently deceased. He used the explosives for mining and construction activities.

Explosive Ordinance Specialists from Eielson Air Force base were brought in, they assessed the situation and began formulating a plan to dispose of the degraded dynamite.

Together, the Eielson Explosive Ordinance Specialists, the Fort Greely Fire Department and the Rural Deltana Volunteer Fire Department, along with troopers, would dispose of a majority of the explosives on Sunday in a series of five small detonations between 11 am and 3 pm.

During the event, local residents were contacted and apprised of the status of the tasks being carried out by fire department volunteers as well as troopers.

Troopers report that the completion of the disposal is scheduled to be complete during the coming week as plans are being formulated to dispose of the remaining ordinance.

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