Fairbanks Man Does Not Fall for Phone Scam

AST notified the public of a scam that is possibly targetting senior citizens in the state, after receiving a report from a elderly man in Fairbanks.

At 6:11 pm, on Friday, troopers in Fairbanks were called by an 80-year-old man who reported that he had received a call reporting that his grandson had been picked up on DUI charges and that his grandson needed money for a lawyer.

“When the gentleman asked the caller for his grandchild’s name, they were unable to provide it,” the trooper dispatch reported. Also, determining that the call did not originate in Alaska, the senior citizen did not fall for the scam.

The man received another call, this one from 1-718-513-9292. That caller identified themselves as Rose Wilson, and informed the victim that she worked for the FBI. But, the Fairbanks man was suspicious because the caller sounded like a man. But, he told the caller about the previous scam anyway. 

After telling the caller about the scam, the caller told the Fairbanks man that he had won a Reader’s Digest prize.

The would be victim just hung up the phone.