Fairbanks Trio Goes on Early Morning Crime Spree, Two Captured

Location of various Monday morning Fairbanks attempted burglaries. Image-Google Maps

Location of various Monday morning Fairbanks attempted burglaries. Image-Google Maps

Alaska State Troopers responded to several intrusion alarms set off beginning at approximately 1:45 am early Monday morning, that would keep troopers busy until daybreak in the Fairbanks area, troopers report.

At 1:47 am troopers responded to the Badger Gas Station, in the first of several alarms on Monday morning. The attempted break-in at the station was caught on camera. The footage showed suspects arriving at the station in a red 1989 GMC pickup, then unsuccessfully attempting to gain entrance through the door, damaging it in the process. The suspects left without getting in.

Later, another alarm was tripped, this time at the Chena Hot Springs Gas Station. Surveillance footage at that location, would capture imagery of the same suspects in the same red pickup. A male could be seen breaking the glass on the front door, but, was once again unsuccessful at getting in. The vehicle left that scene as well with nothing for their efforts.

Less than an hour later, alarms were tripped at the Oaken Keg on College Road, then again at the the Justa Store on Chena Pump Road.

As the  sun was coming up in Fairbanks, “AST broadcast the information and description of the suspect’s vehicle to all local law enforcement,” trooper say. Acting on that information, Fairbanks police, while on patrol, spotted the suspect’s vehicle near the Gold Star liquor store on Van Horn Road. Police attempted to stop the vehicle, and the suspects took police on a car chase through Fairbanks. Due to safety concerns, the chase was terminated.

A short time later, a trooper vehicle on patrol located the red pickup on Kennicott Avenue, unoccupied, with its driver-side door open and the engine still running. Troopers with a K-9 unit, and Fairbanks police converged on the area.

The K-9 unit was successful in locating two suspects, 28-year-old Kia R. Ned and 21-year-old Tessa L. Peter hiding in a shed nearby, but, the male suspect had fled the scene. Although the male suspect had gotten away, authorities were able to successfully identify him.

During the investigation, troopers would find that the the pickup, that served  as the getaway vehicle was stolen.

The two women were initially charged with Criminal Trespass II for trespassing on the property on which they were found. Troopers say that as the investigation into the string of attempted burglaries advances, and all the evidence is evaluated, the suspects will garner further charges.

AST says that an updated press release will be issued as the cases unfold.