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Family Lost at Sea in Rough Waters off Pillar Point, California

The U.S. Coast Guard in California is continuing their search for two adults and two children that went missing on Sunday evening in the waters off of Pillar Point.

The vessel, a 29-foot sailing vessel tenatively identified as the Charmblow, made a distress call to the Coast Guard at 4:20 pm on Sunday. They reported that they were taking on water and that the electronics were failing aboard the vessel. The, at 5:30pm, the caller reported that they were abandoning ship. Communications was lost at that time. It is unknown if they made it onto a makeshift liferaft that they had fashioned out of a cooler and liferings. They had no survival raft aboard the vessel.

Immediately after receiving the call, Coast Guard Sector San Fransisco launched multiple assets that included an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter from Air Station San Francisco, an HC-130 Hercules aircraft from Air Station Sacramento, a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat from Station Monterey, and the Coast Guard Cutter Tern, an 87-foot patrol boat. The Coast Guard also issued an Urgent Marine Information Braosdcast to all vessels in the area.

According to reports, the vessel, that included a husband, wife a four-year-old child, and his cousin, also a child, did not have GPS aboard the craft as well.

As of this morning, the Coast Guard has found no sign as they continue to comb the choppy waters amid strong winds.