Former Alaskan Steven Wilson Admits to Murdering Girlfriend in Hawaiian Condo | Alaska Native News

Former Alaskan Steven Wilson Admits to Murdering Girlfriend in Hawaiian Condo

On Saturday, Kauai Police in Hawaii arrested former Alaska resident Steven Michael Wilson on second-degree murder charges after the body of his girlfriend 21-year-old Kendra Lewis, also from Alaska, was found dead in her condominium on Friday.

The 26-year-old Wilson admitted to the murder to authorities in Hawaii after his arrest. He told police that he had stabbed Lewis after they got into an arguement last week. They had been arguing because Lewis wanted to break up with Wilson according to his confession. He told authorities he just snapped and stabbed Lewis multiple times.

Lewis, who had been last seen on April 21st, was discovered on Friday by a room-mate who had been in the residence several times but finally checked Lewis’s bedroom after noticing increasing numbers of flies and smelling a terrible odor coming from the room. The room-mate found Lewis on the bed, covered with a blanket.

Wilson told police that he laid down next to Lewis after killing her and attempted suicide by cutting his wrist. He then attempted to inject bleach, then considered getting into a shootout with police in order to die that way, he told authorities in Kauai.

He also told authorities he didn’t know why he allowed Lewis’s body to remain in the room so long after the incident as he went out on a drug binge. He stated to police that if he wanted to get rid of the body, he would have dug a hole and buried her in it and she would never have been found.

Wilson faces the possibility of life in prison for the Murder II charge.

Wilson’s bail was set at $1 million. He remains in custody.

Both Lewis and Wilson moved from Anchorage to Hawaii after the first of the year.