Four Arrested in Foldager Lake Cabin Break-Ins/Thefts

Alaska State Troopers reported via trooper dispatch that they have made arrests in the Foldager Lake cabin break-ins that were reported last month. 

AST traveled to investigate the break-ins near the village of Kokhanok on the Alaska Peninsula, where three to five cabins and their outbuildings had been broke into and burglarized. The investigation found that among the items stolen were several firearms as well as a Honda ATV.

Through the course of the investigations,  three firearms, a gun boot a chainsaw and a splitting maul were recovered.

Mid-week, this week, AST arrested four individuals from the community of Kokhanok. Arrested were Gordon Hester, age 24, Robert Hester, age 27, 24-year-old Eknaty Cobb and 21-year-old Jeremy Davis. All were charged with triple counts of Burglary I and a single count of Theft II, with the exception of R Hester who was charged with two counts.

In addition, Lucas Zackar, age 20, was charged  with triple counts of Burglary and a single count of Theft III, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

A 37-year-old man in nearby Pope Vannoy Landing, a dozen miles distant, was issued a summons in the case.