Four Pedestrians Injured in Third Avenue Vehicle-Pedestrian Accident

image15-12-2015-10.45.04Four pedestrians in Anchorage were admitted to the hospital in two incidents on Third Avenue near Karluk Street on Wednesday evening. 

Three pedestrians, two males and one female were struck by a taxi cab that was traveling westbound on Third Avenue at approximately 6 pm, it was reported by the Anchorage Police Department.

According to the ensuing investigation conducted at the scene, the trio of pedestrians began crossing the street inside a marked crosswalk, then strayed from the crosswalk area, and were struck by the cab.

A fourth person, running to the accident scene, ran headlong into the side of a vehicle as it was exiting the Bean’s Cafe parking lot. That pedestrian was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. That pedestrian was found to be at fault in that incident.

The first three pedestrians were taken to to the hospital with serious injuries. While they remain in serious condition, all three are expected to survive their injuries.

Investigators say that they have not ruled out the involvement of drugs or alcohol, and cannot do so until toxicology results come back.

No arrests have been made, or citations issued, in the on-going investigation.