One Response to Governor Walker Hosts Tokyo Gas Presidents for Meetings in Alaska

  1. goforoil

    Aug 3, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    This apparent “bait and switch” tactic used by state officials sends the message to the world that the honor and reliability investors look for when investing risk capital is sadly missing in Alaska today. This bait and switch tactic puts Alaskans out of work and stops oil from being produced in Alaska.
    Why not pay the money owed to Blue Crest and save face with the leaders of the world’s oil and gas investment community? Maybe the word will get out that Alaska is ” Open for Business” again!
    The fact Fraser Institute Ranks Alaska at the bottom is very sad and unnecessary but if this Government acts with honor now this can be corrected before TAPS shuts down and Alaskans suffer even more then they already are!