Infant in Vehicle Complicates Palmer Car Chase

Alaska State Troopers pulled over a suspicious vehicle in a Palmer traffic stop on Tuesday evening before being taken on a chase, troopers report.

At 7:13 pm on Tuesday, troopers observed a vehicle on Palmer Fishhook Road perform a moving violation and so, pulled the vehicle over. AST made contact with the driver and  passengers that included a mother with an infant, they report.

The driver of the vehicle, later identified as 25-year-old Forrest Shumaker, gave troopers a false identity, then, stepped on the gas and fled the trooper almost hitting him in the process. The trooper would soon find that Shumaker’s license was revoked for a prior DUI, and he ¬†was in violation of his third-party custodianship conditions of release.

The trooper gave brief chase, but, because of the presence of an infant in the suspect vehicle, broke off pursuit almost immediately.Another trooper in the vicinity saw the suspect vehicle almost collide with another car as Shumaker worked to make good his escape and took up the chase, but that trooper too terminated his chase when learning of the occupants.

Shumaker turned in to a residential neighborhood as troopers worked to find the vehicle. The vehicle was soon located, but Shumaker was gone. He had fled on foot.

“Charges of Eluding 1st degree, DLWR, False Information, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangerment and VCOR will be forwarded to the Palmer DA’s office against Shumaker,” troopers revealed.

No vehicle damage or injuries occurred during the incident.