Juneau Wildlife Troopers Conduct Sweep of Personal Use Dungie Pots Near North Douglas

Juneau Wildlife troopers conducted extensive inspections of personal use Dungeness crab pots around the North Douglas Boat launch area on Friday and Saturday.

During their inspection of personal use gear in the area, Wildlife Troopers pulled and inspected 98 personal use pots.

Of the 98 pots inspected, 42 of the pot were seized for various reasons, including improper or no biodegradable escape mechanisms,escape rings that were too small or improperly placed, and improperly marked buoys.

If owners of the gear can be identified, citations will be issued for the violations, gear will also be returned.

All gear not claimed will be considered abandoned.

Abandoned gear will be held in storage for two years, if not claimed during that period, the pots will be auctioned off.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers ask that individuals with questions about lost gear or regulations pertaining to personal use to contact them in AJuneau at 465-4000.