Kodiak Kidnapping Suspect Re-Arrested on Sterling Highway

38-year-old Daniel Grosser. Image-APD

38-year-old Daniel Grosser. Image-APD

A Kodiak man, with an outstanding felony warrant for kidnapping, assault and robbery was located and apprehended along the Sterling Highway at mile 104, after being alerted by the Anchorage police that the man, identified as Daniel Grosser, age 38, was hitchhiking from Anchorage to Kodiak.

Grosser’s charges stem from an incident on November 27, where he held Matthew Jones as Jones friend Went to buy drugs for Grosser. The drug arrangement went bad when, after two hours, Jones’s friend didn’t return. Grosser began acting irregular and violently. 

Thinking he had been cheated out of his drug money, Grosser heated up two steak knives on the stove, told Jones that he “was going to make an example of him,” burned his face, and threatened to take out his eye, saying that the only way he was leaving was “in a body bag.”

Jones made a break for the door, but Grosser caught him before he could get away and began choking him.  Jones pulled a pocket knife from his pants, and stabbed Grosser several times before escaping from Grosser’s apartment. Grosser was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and remanded to the Kodiak Jail with his bail set at $25,000 and a CATP.

On December 13th, all six counts against Grosser, were dismissed, his bail was set at $500 and he was released. The following day, an indictment was filed with the Superior Court re-instating all six counts, and a $25,000 arrest warrant was issued, that was executed by troopers on the Sterling Highway just before 10 pm on Thursday night.

Grosser was transported to Kenai and remanded to the Wildwood Pretrial Facility.