Landlord Arrested in Fatal Denali Street Shooting

Anchorage police report that they made an arrest in the fatal shooting that occurred at a residence on the 200-block of Denali Street on Tuesday night.

According to the report, police were alerted by several callers of a “loud verbal altercation” that was taking place at a residence at the dead end of Denali Street at 8:13 pm. As they were responding to the location, they were informed that someone at that address had been shot.

After arriving and conducting an initial investigation at the scene, they found that the landlord, Yolanda Castro, had been staying in one of the rooms at the residence as she conducted repairs to the home. She routinely rented out rooms in the home to different individuals.

On Tuesday, police say, while renters were away from the residence, Castro changed the exterior locks on the residence.

When the victim, 40-year-old Liteh Fogg, the room tenant, and another female friend that were renting a room at the residence, returned at around 8 pm last night, they found that the could not gain entrance to the residence. The three women went around to the back of the residence and found a ladder that they used to first climb onto the roof of a shed, then attempted to gain entry through the window of the room that the tenant rented.

Castro and two other people were in the room as Fogg attempted to gain access through the window and an argument broke out between Castro and Fogg. During the argument, Castro used a shotgun to fatally shoot Fogg. Fogg was declared deceased at the scene.

All four persons inside the home during the shooting, as well as the other two females outside, were interviewed by police.

Castro was arrested and charged with Murder I and II and transported to the Anchorage Jail.