Lower Kalskag Man Arrested for November Stabbing Incident

ruraltrooperThe trooper dispatch reported on Thursday that they had received a report of a stabbing victim being treated in the Bethel emergency room on December 1st for multiple stabbing injuries.

When troopers began an investigation into the incident, they found that the victim had been stabbed multiple times by a family member in the community of Lower Kalskag on November 20th. The victim did not report the incident. The nature of the victim’s injuries were not revealed until the victim could no longer walk, and was admitted to the Bethel emergency room two weeks after the incident.

Further investigation would find that Lower Kalskag resident, Andrew Littlefish Sr, had stabbed the victim several times with a knife on November 20th.

The stabbing victim was further medevaced to Anchorage’s Alaska Native Medical Center for treatment of injuries.

Littlefish was arrested on Wednesday and charged with Assault I and III.

He is presently held without bail.