Man Killed in Accident Aboard the Alaska Juris Identified

Alaska State troopers identified the crew-member who was killed aboard the "Alaska Juris" yesterday.

The man, Andrew Fotu, age 25, was struck by a cable as it snapped and struck him in the head. The captain of the 238 foot catcher processor immediately notified the United States Coast Guard of the accident.

Two Coast Guard helicopters were dispatched from Saint Paul and side-stopped in Unalaska to refuel. They then continued on to the scene 250 miles southwest of Unalaska. They arrived on the scene and lowered a rescue swimmer to the vessel.

But, Fotu was unable to hang on for the rescue, he died before he could be medevaced.

The “Alaska Juris” arrived in Unalaska on Friday and Fotu’s body was transported to Anchorage to the State Medical Examiner’s office for autopsy.