Man Surrenders Following Gas Deployment in Eagle River Stand-Off

image15-12-2015-10.45.04The Eagle River stand-off between Anchorage police and an armed suspect ended successfully on Monday afternoon, when the suspect, 27-year-old Kyle William Smith gave himself up following the deployment of gas into the dwelling.

Police responded to a call reporting that a man was threatening others with a gun at the 15200 block of Husky Street in Eagle River at 11:38 am on Monday morning. When they arrived, they found that the male and female homeowners had gotten out of the house prior to police arrival.

But, police would find that a female houseguest of the owners had remained inside with Smith. The owners informed police that the woman had willingly remained inside with the suspect. Police say that initially, the woman was uncooperative with responders, but after talking with her, she exited the home at 4:09 pm. She has not been charged with any crime in connection with this incident, police say.

After hours of unsuccessfully trying to talk Smith out of the residence, at 5:27 pm, police deployed gas in an effort to make Smith leave the residence and give himself up. At 5:47 pm, Smith did just that and came out of the home on his own.

Smith was immediately taken into custody and charged with Misconduct Involving Weapons III and Assault III. Smith also had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in a previous assault case dating May of this year.

A search of on-line court records show that Smith has an extensive criminal history that includes convictions for three Assault III, three counts of Assault IV, and one each of Misconduct Involving Weapons III and IV.

Smith is due to be arraigned on the current charges at 2:30 pm today.

As many as 20 police vehicles responded to the incident.