New Stuyahok Suspect Let Out for Smoke Disappears, Charged with Escape

A New Stuyahok man has been charged with escape after being released from his holding cell in that community to go out to smoke then disappearing.

Dillingham-based troopers were informed at 3:45 pm on Sunday afternoon after an investigation that 18-year-old Dawson Andrew had been arrested for Assault IV-DV x3 and one count of Criminal Mischief IV.

Then, at 7:30 pm, the New Stuyahok Police Department called troopers once again to report that Andrew had disappeared after being let out of his holding cell to smoke a cigarette.

Police searched for Andrew, and at 5:45 am on Monday morning, police located Andrew and he was taken back into custody. As a result of his disappearance, Andrew was advised that an additional charge of Escape IV had been leveled. Andrew is being held in the VPSO holding cell awaiting remand.