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One Killed and One Wounded in Early Wednesday Fairview Altercation

29-year-old Corbin Carltikoff was shot and killed in an incident in Fairview early Wednesday morning. Image-Facebook profiles

29-year-old Corbin Carltikoff was shot and killed in an incident in Fairview early Wednesday morning. Image-Facebook profiles

Anchorage police are investigating a double shooting that occurred on Nelchina Street in Fairview early Wednesday morning and are asking the the public to call in if they have information on the incident.

APD responded to a report of someone having been shot at 1:28 am on Wednesday morning in the area of Nelchina Street and 8th Avenue. When they arrived at the scene, they found that two individuals had been shot, and they were both transported to the hospital. 

While one individual, who has not been named, suffered non-life-threatening injuries, another, identified as 29-year-old Corbin James Carltikoff, was pronounced deceased.

According to APD, “Initial indications are that several individuals from two different vehicles got into some type of altercation.” As the altercation unfolded, “several shots were fired.”

There have been no arrests at this time.  Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call Anchorage Police at 786-8900 (press “0” to speak with an operator).  To remain anonymous you may call Crime Stoppers at 561-STOP or online at www.anchoragecrimestoppers.com.

  • Sea

    According to APD, “Initial indications are that several individuals from two different vehicles got into some type of altercation.” As the altercation unfolded, “several shots were fired.”
    The article does not do those involved justice. I hope I can help shed the light on those who care and are ready to hear the real story about what really happened and hope they can find the strength to heal in the right way without seeking revenge on those who are truly innocent.
    I normally don’t wish death upon anyone, as life is so precious and we are all placed here as a blessing to choose right, wrong and how to live a positive healthy life to impact not only ourselves but for others.
    This is a true horror story and needs to be told. A story of a premeditated crime, deadly assault on a young male who had no affiliation with any of the parties involved. He was just young, had a nice vehicle and lived in Fairview. He was not looking for trouble nor did he want trouble, however trouble followed him home one early morning that turned into a horror story and a story of survival.
    A young white male, driving a nice BMW coming home after a late night activity noticed he was being followed. He drove home as he pulled into his driveway he noticed the Black SUV with tinted windows had followed him home and parked just down the street not far from his driveway. The driver of the black SUV turned of the car lights and sat there awaiting. The young male of the BMW noticed this, started to get scared and decided he did not want the people in the SUV to see where he lived. He backed out of his driveway and headed toward the SUV to drive away. The SUV drove up to the BMW driver to driver side and blocked the BMW in other cars parked on the street the BMW had no where to go now. The Driver of the black SUV was a native man (Corbin) who had a gun and was waving the gun at the driver of the BMW. Corbin rolled down his window, the male of the BMW rolled down his window to see a gun being pointed at his face. Corbin started to harass the young gent demanding answers to his bullying questions. Is this your car? Where did you get it? Where do you live and so on, all the while had the driver of the BMV locked in, no where to go, a gun pointed in his face while Corbin made him fear his life. The owner of the BMW tried to explain to Corbin that the car was his, he just lived right over there, he wants to go home and didn’t want any trouble. He repeated this several times only to be ignored by Corbin. The owner of the BMW was in fear of his life and rightfully so. He had no idea why this was taking place. Could it be because he was very young, white and lived in Fairview with a nice car?
    He was the target of a premeditated car hijack (possible murder) leaving him dead in the streets of Fairview while Corbin and his cronies made off with the BMW and all his personal belongings. That was Corbin’s plan? It did not go in his favor? Corbin opened up his car door hit the BMW car (that’s how close he was to the BMW) got out and had the gun pointed on the owner of the BMW demanding he answer his questions, in the meantime the passenger of the black SUV got out to try and open up the passenger side of the BMW. The owner of the BMW was all by himself, let me repeat this. The OWNER OF THE BMW WAS ALONE. The black SUV had two passengers. Another male who sat in the back and a female in the front holding a black lab puppy. She was yelling at Corbin to stop, not to go through with it and to get back in the car. Corbin didn’t listen, he had a plan and didn’t want to listen to reason. In his mind he thought he could get away with his plan. While the owner of the BMW was holding up his left hand to show Corbin he didn’t want any trouble, he then held up his right hand Corbin saw that the young man had a gun sitting on his lap. Corbin then fired his gun shooting the young male thru his car door while standing right next to his car. The owner of the BMW was grabbing his gun to defend himself as he was lifting his gun to fire back his hand and thumb got blown up, his thumb got blown off while firing back at Corbin to save his life. As Corbin fired the first shots at the young male who was being assaulted by Corbin and trying to save and defend his life, Corbin started to run and turned to keep firing at the young male in the BMW. The owner of the BMW fired back with a thumb that got blown off, a shattered wrist and a bullet that hit his chest, however his cell phone was in his chest pocket and took the bullet instead of the bullet penetrating his heart otherwise he would be dead and the truth about what really happened would not be told. The owner of the BMW was defending his life against a felon, against three people in a car premeditating a car hijack and possible murder leaving the young male dead on the streets of Fairview while they sped off with his BMW to where ever they go to hide.
    Thankfully the young male had his cell phone in his left chest pocket. It saved his life. Besides both his hands being shattered and thumbs being blown off, he was spared and Corbin was not. Corbin lost his life because he thought he could get away with a horrendous crime and it backfired on him.
    My own questions:
    Who does Corbin and his friends think they are? Did they actually think they were going to be successful bullying and putting fear in someone for no reason? To try and get away with a premeditated plot to murder and steal? Did they think they would get away with intimidating to plot, steal and put another innocent life in danger for their own self gratification? As much as I don’t like to see anyone’s life taken, in this situation it was completely justified and Justice was served. Hopefully there will not be another incident like this. To all those out there we are all on alert and will defend ourselves when threatened like the young male in this story was.
    Let there be peace.