One Palmer REDDI Report, One Stop, Two DUI Arrests

On Saturday evening, AST received a REDDI (Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately) report from the Old Glenn Highway/Plumley Road area and responded to the report.

When they arrived in the area at approximately 66:30 pm, they located the vehicle in question, and pulled them over into a nearby parking lot. Once stopped, they contacted the two occupants of the vehicle, and identified them as Anchorage residents Austin Curato, age 31, and Robert Harrigan, age 56.

Using information from the REDDI report, the trooper’s investigation revealed that between the time of the report and the trooper’s arrival, the two men had switched seats, and it was determined that Curato had been driving the vehicle.

As the investigation continued, it was determined that both men had been operating the vehicle while under the influence.A background check would find that Curato had two prior DUIs in the previous 10 years, and so, was charged with Felony DUI. In addition, Curato was charged with Driving While License Revoked.

Harrigan was also arrested for DUI.

Both men were transported to the Mat-SSu Pretrial Facility, where Curato was remanded with his bail set at $1,000 and a Court-Approved Third Party Custodian. Harrigan was released on his own reccognizance.

Curato was arraigned in Palmer Court on his charges Sunday morning. Onlineline court records show no charge for Harrigan as yet.