Recovery Efforts Continue for Remains of St George Man

Alaska State Troopers reported that they are working to recover remains thought to be those of 25-year-old St George man Serge Lekanof, who has been missing since November 30th.

The original report stated that Lekanof was reported missing at 9 am on the 30th, he was last seen on November 29th during the early morning hours. The original report said that Lekanof had been drinking and walked away from his  home at 3 am.

On Friday, December 1st, another report was made reporting a body, believed to be Lekanof was sighted “at the bottom of a sheer rocky cliff.” Rough water, falling rocks and other hazards frustrated recovery efforts.

Another attempt to recover the remains was made at low tide on Saturday morning. But, searchers were unable to locate Lekanof’s remains.

On Monday, it was reported that Lekanof’s body was once again sighted at the bottom of the cliff.

Troopers say that recovery efforts were begun again to locate and retrieve the remains.