REDDI Report Nabs Alleged Wasilla Drug Dealer

drug bustOn Thursday night, troopers received a Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately (REDDI) call at North Meadow Lakes Loop and North Melton Lane and responded to the scene immediately

When troopers arrived at the scene at approximately 8:01 pm and contacted 25-year-old Houston resident  Caton Hislop. When they did so, they would determine that Hislop was driving under the influence of drugs, and also had distribution quantities of Methamphetamine.

Hislop, who has several Felony convictions, was also found to be in possession of a concealable firearm at the time of his arrest. Hislop was charged with Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance III and IV, he was also charged with Misconduct Involving Weapons II, III and IV.

Hislop was transported to Palmer where he was remanded to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility where he was held with his bail set at $10,000 and a Court Approved Third Party Custodian.

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