Search for Missing Hooper Bay Boaters Ends Successfully

United States Coast Guard C-130.Image-USCG

United States Coast Guard C-130.Image-USCG

A search for three mariners and their boat concluded successfully over the weekend in the Hooper Bay area, troopers reported on Monday.

Troopers in Hooper Bay were notified of two overdue boats off of the coast near Hooper Bay at 10 minutes after midnight on Saturday morning. 

Within an hour of the initial report, one of the boats successfully returned to the community, while the other remained at sea. The occupants of the missing 24-foot boat were identified as 39-year-old Joseph Lake, 38-year-old Nathan David Lake, and 24-year-old Marlin Lake. 

J.Lake had contacted a village member at approximately 8:15 pm and had informed that person that they were approximately 10 miles southwest of the village and had run out of gas.

Because of weather and darkness, no search assets were dispatched from the community until the next morning. At daybreak, an eight-man search team in three boats set out from Hooper bay to take up the search. A C-130 was also launched from Kodiak to assist.

At 5:24 pm, the Coast Guard C-130 located the missing boat and passengers near Hazen Bay and notified ground searchers of their discovery.

A search boat went to the location and retrieved the boaters and returned them safely to Hooper Bay.