Second Suspect Arrested in West Anchorage Double Homicide

image08-10-2014 11.12.21Anchorage police revealed that they have now taken into custody a second person in connection with the West Anchorage double homicide that occurred in the area of West Tudor on Monday night.

Linda Chattell, age 26, was taken into custody at approximately 6pm at a residence on the 1600 block of West 32nd Avenue, Anchorage police said. She was charged with Murder II, Manslaughter and Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance. She now joins 31-year-old Meghan Porter, who was arrested on Monday night following the incident. Porter was charged with the same offenses as Chattell.

The incident, where two men, 22-year-old Jeramyha Talauega and 33-year-old Robin Porter, lost their lives, occurred just after midnight on Monday morning. Several calls went in to Anchorage police reporting gunfire and two vehicles in a chase on West Tudor Road between Lois Drive and Harding Drive.

Shortly after police responded to the area, they discovered the body of Talauega near the railroad tracks. He was declared deceased at the scene.

20 minutes later, police received information of a man being brought in to the emergency room at a local hospital. Porter’s wife, Meghan had driven him there for treatment of his injuries. When police arrived, they discovered that Robin Porter had succumbed to his gunshot wound shortly after arriving. 

Meghan Porter would tell police that the shooting occurred after a drug deal between the Porters and Talauega went wrong. According to the police release, “Both Meghan and Robin Porter had agreed to meet Talauega to sell him drugs.  Talauega arrived in a vehicle and got into the Porter’s vehicle to conduct the transaction.” The release continued , stating, ” An altercation occurred inside the Porter’s vehicle and guns were fired by all three occupants before Talauega jumped out.  A brief chase ensued between the Porters and the driver of the other vehicle; however, the Porters were able to elude the second vehicle before arriving at the hospital.”

The search for Chattell continued throughout the day Tuesday, culminating in her arrest in the evening.

The deaths of Porter and Talauega are the 24th and 25th of the year for Anchorage.