Son Charged with Manslaughter in Death of Mother’s Boyfriend

An Anchorage man has been charged with Assault and Manslaughter in the death of another man at the 5th Avenue Econo-Inn, Anchorage Police have reported on Tuesday.

APD received a call on Monday morning at 6:18 am, from a woman who said that “she could not wake up her boyfriend.” When police arrived, it was found that the woman’s boyfriend was deceased. In the room with the victim were four other people. They were all taken to the police department for questioning.

An investigation into the death would find that 23-year-old Elliot Myas had beat the man while he was sleeping. One of the people questioned, said that he awoke in the night to the sound of three thumps and grunting from the victim. When questioned, Myas said that at some point in the evening, he had blacked out from drinking whiskey and had no recollection of what happened afterward. He did tell investigators that he awoke on Monday with a sore right hand.

According to the APD investigation, Myas  beat the man as he slept after an incident on Sunday as several people were drinking and watching football. During that time, “the victim was making fun”  of the suspects mom. Then, later, as the victim slept, the girlfriend’s son beat him.

Myas has been charged with Assault II and Manslaughter. A warrant was issued on Monday for Myas’s arrest, and he was arrested.

The victim’s name will not be released until a next of kin notification can be made.

Myas is currently in custody and due to be arraigned on the charges this afternoon in Anchorage Court.