UPDATE: Stolen Vehicle Sought in Fairbanks Recovered

Update: 12 hours after this vehicle was reported as stolen, an alert Fairbanks citizen spotted the purloined car parked downtown at 3 am in Fairbanks and reported it to police. 

The owner responded to the location and recovered the vehicle and had it towed home. Other than cut wires, and damaged steering column, the vehicle sustained no further damage.

The vehicle’s owner thanks the citizen for being alert and promptly calling it in.

Original Story:

Fairbanks residents are asked for their assistance and to be on the lookout for a dark green 2000 Chevy Lumina four-door. License plate for this vehicle is JBZ 353.

This vehicle was stolen from the Westfield Estates in Fairbanks sometime after 5 am this morning.

Although there is no image available for this vehicle, anyone with information is asked to report it to the Fairbanks police or the Fairbanks-based Alaska State Troopers.