Three Arrested in Anchorage’s Grover Lane Burglary, Theft Case

Anchorage police have arrested three suspects on burglary and criminal mischief charges after a two day investigation into a breaking and entry incident was reported by neighbors on the 9600 block of Grover Drive in Anchorage, APD reported on Thursday.

According to the report, on Tuesday, residents in the area reported that people were inside a residence owned by the non-profit, Aleutian Housing, on Grover Lane. That rental unit had been vacant for several months.

When police arrived at the location and investigated, they found that no one was at the residence, but, found evidence that people had been “squatting” there previously. Further investigation would find that there were three vehicles on the property. It would be found that one of the vehicles was stolen, but had yet to be reported as such.

The vehicles were towed, and the unit was secured. Police asked that the neighbors call in if they observe people at the residence again.

Two days later, on Thursday, they did just that. At 8:29 am, one of the neighbors called in to report that there were again people in the residence. Police once again responded.

When they arrived, one of the suspect, who was later identified as 22-year-old Joel Gould, jumped out of one of the windows and fled.

Police set up a perimeter, and a second suspect, 19-year-old Jazz Anderson, came out quickly. After police began giving commands to others inside the home, the third suspect, 24-year-old Patrick Rascon complied, exited the structure and gave himself up.

As perimeter units canvassed the area, they received a report that Gould had entered a home on the 10300 block of Curvi Drive. Police immediately responded to the location and observed an elderly lady pulling out of the residence’s driveway with Gould in the passenger seat. Police contacted the vehicle’s occupants and Gould was taken into custody.

An investigation on scene found that Gould went to that residence, that was occupied by an elderly couple, who let him in without realizing that he was the subject of a search. The couple fully cooperated with police.

As the investigation at the Grover Lane residence would discover a white DEodge pickup parked in the units garage. That vehicle had been reported stolen from the Extended Stay Hotel on 34th Street while the owner was out of town. It had been stolen sometime between December 21 and January 14th.

The owner told police that the vehicle had been locked and that he had all the keys for the vehicle. It would be found that the vehicle’s ignition had been tampered with. It would be observed by investigators that the plates on the vehicle had been stolen from another vehicle.

All three suspect were charged with Burglary and Criminal Mischief. In addition, Gould was also charged with Vehicle Theft and Resisting Arrest. Gould and Rascon also had unrelated outstanding warrants.