Three Arrested in Big Lake in Stolen Car

Three occupants in a suspicious vehicle were nabbed and jailed by troopers early on Wednesday morning, the trooper dispatch revealed.

A report went in to Alaska State Troopers at 4:04 am on Wednesday morning, alerting them of a suspicious vehicle parked in a Big Lake neighborhood. Troopers responded to the scene, located the vehicle, and ran the plates on the 2004 Ford Escape. It was found that the vehicle was reported stolen to the Anchorage Police Department two days earlier on January 23rd.

Troopers contacted the three occupants of the vehicle, 27 year old Anchorage resident Yasen Taha, 24 year old Big Lake resident Danny Luafulu, and 19 year old Anchorage resident Joseph Hodson.

Taha was charged with False Information, after falsifying his identity, and Probation Violation in a 2016 Assault conviction, and Joseph Hodson was charged with Hindering Prosecution and Probation Violation.

Luafulu would be found to have four outstanding felony warrants for failure to comply on charges of Criminal Trespass I, Assault III, Vehicle Theft x4, False Info x2, Assault IV, Arson III, Theft II and IV, and DUI in four separate cases. Luafulu has several open cases in Anchorage.

Taha and Hodson were remanded without bail, and Luafulu was remanded with his bail set at $10,000 and a Court-Approved Third Party Custodian.

The investigation into the stolen vehicle is continuing.