Three Arrested on Kidnapping Charges after January Ducks Inn Incident

Alaska State Troopers Divulged on Wednesday that they have arrested three Kenai residents on charges that include kidnapping after an incident on January 30 of this year where a man and a woman had been held against their will in a room at the Ducks Inn.

The case began when an adult male called into AST at 3:52 AM on the 30th, resulting in troopers contacting him and the female. Troopers determined that the two were held against their will and were assaulted.

The investigation that ensued would lead to the arrest of 27-year-old Rachel Brown, 30-year-old Robert Dedrich, and 28-year-old Clinton’s Starnes, all of Kenai.

The three suspects were all arrested and charged with Kidnapping, Burglary I, Assault III, Robbery I, Vehicle Theft, and Theft I. all three were transported to Kenai where they were remanded to the Wildwood Correctional Center.

Brown was also charged with Misconduct Involving a Controlled Substance II.

The investigation is continuing.