Three Charged with Kidnapping, Other Charges in Monday Night Kenai Incident

Three people, two men and a woman have been charged with kidnapping following an incident in Kenai on Monday night, Kenai police reported.

Charges were filed on Tuesday against Kenai residents Kami Wright, age 28, and Kenny Kitchen, age 25, as well as Anchorage man Alex Hawkins, age 31. All three were subjects of the kidnapping charge. Additionally, Hawkins and Kitchen are facing charges of Sexual Assault I, and Wright has been charged with Theft II, Misconduct involving a Controlled Substance, and Misconduct Involving Weapons.

Kenai Police responded to the Strawberry Road area after a man there called in to report that a naked man had come to his house seeking aid.

When police contacted the naked victim,  they were told that he had been beaten by a man with brass knuckles. The man also told police that his girlfriend was still at the house that he had run away from.

When police went to the residence that the man had come from, they would find the victim’s girlfriend, the three suspects, drug and drug paraphernalia, and weapons, including a stolen firearm.

When investigators interviewed the victim’s girlfriend, she told police that the incident arose from a drug dispute, but Wright and Hawkins disputed that, and said that the incident happened because the victim and his girlfriend, who were discovered living in a tent behind the residence, had been stealing items, that included clothing from the house.

The girlfriend said in a statement that Hawkins had come from Anchorage with two softball-sized balls of black tar heroin, and she had seen him trade several grams of it for a sawed-off shotgun.

She also reported to police that Hawkins had punched her boyfriend approximately eight times with a pair of brass knuckles, ordered him to undress then ordered him to the floor. Following that the girlfriend said that Hawkins shocked the victim with a cattle prod then pistol-whipped him before kicking him in the face.

The girlfriend continued, stating that Hawkins had then sexually assaulted her boyfriend, while Kitchen did the same to her.

Hawkins’ story differed from the  victim’s girlfriend however. He  told police that he ordered the victim to the tent outside to retrieve the items stolen from the house. He said that when the victim emerged, he had a set of brass knuckles, and so Hawkins punched him in the face twice. He denied using a cattle prod, a handgun, or the brass knuckles on the victim.

Hawkins then told police that the two people were told to remove the clothing that they had stolen from the home, leaving the man naked and the woman without pants. The victim was told to take the stolen items into the house. Then was told he could leave. But, Hawkins said that the man didn’t want to leave, and instead wanted to spend the night at the house. But, later, the man would flee through a window, Hawkins said.

Hawkins stated to police that he had instructed the victim’s girlfriend to write a note explaining that she had not been held against her will, but, police arrived before she could do so.

Strawberry Road is approximately halfway between Kenai and Soldotna on the Kenai Spur Highway.