Troopers Nab Two Fugitives from Justice during Juneau Traffic Stop

TheĀ  trooper dispatch revealed on Thursday that an Alaska Wildlife Trooper captured two fugitives from justice during a traffic stop on a red Toyota pickup on Wednesday.

The Wildlife Trooper positively identified the driver and passenger as 36-year-old Christopher Glover and 35-year-old Angela Malone, respectively.

The trooper would find that Glover was driving without a license and did not have proof of insurance.

A closer check of the duo’s background would find that both were subjects of warrants out of theĀ  state of Texas. According to the report, Glover was wanted on a $100,000 extraditable warrant, and Malone was wanted on a $150,000 extraditable warrant.

Both were placed under arrest and transported to the Lemon Creek Correctional Center, where they were remanded. During prisoner intake, Malone was found to have contraband in her possession. She was charged with Fugitive from Justice and Promoting Contraband. Glover was jailed on charges of Operating a Vehicle without a Valid License and Fugitive from Justice.

Both are awaiting extradition back top Texas.