Troopers Reveal that Personal Info Stolen in DPS Burglary, Urge Precaution

The Department of Public Safety facility on East Tudor Road. Image-Google Maps

The Department of Public Safety facility on East Tudor Road. Image-Google Maps

Alaska State Troopers have notified approximately 1,020 people that have completed transactions with the Department of Public Safety that information that they included, such as social security numbers and other vital information, may potentially be compromised, troopers revealed via trooper dispatch on Thursday.

According to their report, the investigation into the burglary of the DPS building on Muldoon that occurred in 2016 uncovered evidence that the suspect and her boyfriend “removed several records from the office to include documents containing personal information displaying social security numbers.”

Although investigators say they have no evidence that the information that was taken during the burglaries had been misused, they are encouraging those individuals “to take precautions to guard against the misuse of personal information that could result in identity theft.”

It was on December 30th of 2016 that troopers arrested Marie Kimberly Ramos, an employee of the Division of Statewide Services, the department that provides technical and specialized services to other divisions within the Department of Public Safety.

She, along with her boyfriend, 32-year-old Jeremiah Ranem, were charged with Burglary II, Theft IV, and Criminal Mischief V, after investigators found that they had “forcibly entered a locked area of the building, damaged a door and door frame, and stole money,” the trooper dispatch revealed.

It was after search warrants were executed, and investigators discovered additional evidence that showed that the duo had also stolen records, that the investigation widened, and resulted in concluding that people’s information had also been compromised.

persons that have questions “pertaining to a submitted background check or whether or not their data was part of the thefts, they can contact the Department of Public Safety, Division of Statewide Services, Criminal Records & Identification Bureau at: 907-269-5634,” DPS stated online.

The two suspects are due to be arraigned on February 10th.