Two Dead and Close to 100 Injured in Thanksgiving Morning Mass Pile-up on Texas Interstate

More than 100 vehicles piled up on Interstate 10 in Texas in heavy Thanksgiving Day traffic and extremely thick fog. The Thursday morning mass accident occured about 80 miles east of Houston.

About 140 to 150 cars and trucks were involved in the accident that caused 80-90 people to be taken to hospitals. 10 or 12 people suffered very serious injuries. Two people died in the pile-up.

According to Texas authorities, the initial crash occured in the eastbound lane and the crash caused a chain reaction that even caused collisions on the other side of the highway as well.

The two people that died in the massive collision were identified as 64-year-old Vincent Leggio and his wife, 60-year-old Debra Leggio. A family member reported that the two were on their way to Mississippi on a romantic holiday getaway in celebration of their 42nd Wedding Anniversary. They were killed when their SUV was smashed up by an 18-wheeler during the protracted accident.

Responding officers reported that the fog was so thick that at first, they were unaware that they were dealing with multiple accidents.

Drivers involved, that could exit their vehicles after the crash, helped authorities work through the rubble assisting those that were stuck in their cars.

Interstate 10 was closed for about eight hours as crews worked to clear the highway.