VPSO Shooter Leroy Dick Tells Judge: I'm Guilty of the Crime

42-year-old Manokotak resident Leroy B. Dick Jr is accused of shooting and killing the Village Public Safety Officer on Tuesday afternoon shortly after 4pm.

54-year-old Thomas Madole was shot after he responded to Dick’s residence to investigate a report that Dick was suicidal and had also assaulted his step-father Daniel Bevilla.

When Madole arrived at the residence, Dick had armed himself with a .223 caliber Mini-14. According to Troopers who interviewed Dick after the incident, Dick stated that VPSO Madole knocked repeatedly on the door in spite of him refusing to answer it. When Dick finally went to the door, he said, he chambered a round into the weapon.

Alaska State Trooper Sgt Michael Henry filed an affidavit, in it he wrote, “Leroy said he saw VPSO Madole look at him, and VPSO Madole ran, and then Leroy shot VPSO Madole,” Henry wrote. “Leroy said he didn’t know how many times he fired his rifle. Leroy said he was angry, and he knew what he did was wrong.” As he was running away, Madole was shot in the head, chest, abdomen, and thigh.

Three troopers responded to the scene in Manokotak.

Madole’s body was found outside and away from the house near a tree.

The investigation uncovered that Leroy shot Madole initially from his porch, a half a dozen spent rounds were there as evidence. It is unclear if he shot Madole later, there was a spent cartridge found near the body as well. The weapon used in the incident was recovered from Dick’s home.

It was Dick’s mother who called for help after Madole was shot. She did so over the VHF radio before fleeing from the residence.

In Dillingham court on Wednesday, Dick refused counsel, but Dillingham Public Defender Chris Lesh was appointed to defend Dick. To the crime of Murder in the First Degree, Dick told the judge, “To be honest, I could say that I’m guilty of the crime.”

Dick’s bail was set at $1,000,000.

Flags are at half mast today in the state of Alaska on the orders of Governor parnell as a result of the death of VPSO Thomas Madole.

“Sandy and I were saddened to learn of the tragic, senseless death of Officer Madole,” Governor Parnell said. “Officer Madole will be remembered for his dedication and devotion to public service and the protection of others. We will keep his family, friends and fellow officers in our thoughts and prayers.”

Governor Parnell added, “VPSOs are a vital part of protecting and providing safety to our rural communities.”