Wasilla Man Wanted on FTC Warrant Arrested for Arson, Assault

image11-09-2014 07.04.40A man with an outstanding warrant was arrested after intentionally setting fire to a bedroom on Tuesday, it was revealed by troopers on Wednesday.

At 8:19 pm on Tuesday night, troopers responded to a residence on West Hoot Hollow Circle in Wasilla for a reported disturbance. The investigation conducted at that location, would find that 20-year-old Mose Falaniko had assaulted family members during the disturbance and then ” intentionally started a fire to a bedroom placing others in danger of serious physical injury.”

Further investigation of Falaniko would find that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for Failure to Comply with Conditions of Probation in a September 2016 Burglary I conviction.

Although that case was closed after Falaniko’s change of plea in that case on September 30th, it was re-opened when the Palmer Court issued a FTC warrant just over two weeks later.

Falaniko was arrested and charged with Arson I, two counts of Assault IV, and a count of Criminal Mischief V. He is set to be arraigned on the warrant and these new charges on Wednesday morning. He remains in custody.