Woman Suffers Accidental Gunshot Wound in Thorn Bay

image30-06-2014 08.34.58Alaska State troopers reported on Thursday, that a woman in Thorn Bay suffered a gunshot wound. The call from the VPSO to troopers came in at 10:23 PM on Wednesday night. At that time, the VPSO told troopers that the victim was “currently being transported via ambulance from the Sandy Beach area of Thorn Bay to the Alicia Roberts clinic in Klawock.

The investigation, conducted by the Alaska State troopers, revealed that a 29-year-old female, who troopers declined to identify, “had been removing a firearm from the rear seat area of a vehicle, when the gun went off,” the trooper dispatch reported.

According to the report, when the firearm discharged, the bullet struck the female in the leg. The woman was treated at the Alicia Roberts clinic, but was further medevaced for treatment of serious leg trauma.