CIA Apologizes to Senate for Spying on Them

Brennan denying Feinstein's allegations in March.
Brennan denying Feinstein’s allegations in March.

After the CIA Inspector General issued his report on the CIA snooping investigation where it was alleged that the agency snooped on the Senate Intelligence Committee, John Brennan issued a statement apologized to the Senate for it covert actions.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Intelligence committee, was denounced publicly for alleging in March that the CIA had violated the Constitution’s separation of powers by spying on the Senate initially, those allegations have been proven true with the issuing of the Inspector General’s report. Feinstein was briefed on the report on Tuesday.

The CIA was accused earlier this year of accessing computers used by the Senate committee as the Senate investigated the CIA interrogation program. The CIA made many furious public replies denying the allegations saying “nothing could be further from the truth.”

In the Inspector General’s report it shows that the CIA did gain access to the computers using a fake access IDs in the classified network that the CIA had set up for the Senate, RDINet, as the Senate committee investigated the CIA’s interrogation techniques.

Senator Feinstein on the Senate floor alleging spying on the part of CIA in March.
Senator Feinstein on the Senate floor alleging spying on the part of CIA in March.

The Inspector General’s report stated that some CIA employees “acted in a manner inconsistent with the common understanding reached between SSCI (Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) and the CIA in 2009,” said CIA spokesman Dean Boyd.

The findings of the report are to be submitted to an accountability board set up for that purpose. It will be headed by Democratic Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana. 

A de-classified version of the findings will be publicly released soon.

Counter allegations that the Senate committee had taken classified files from the secret CIA facility in northern Virginia without authorization have been forwarded to the Justice Department for investigation.

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