Big Lake Man Threatening Life of Three-Year-Old Shot by SERT

Alaska State Troopers report that a Big Lake man was shot and killed during a early morning confrontation with troopers and the Special Emergency Reaction Team in Big Lake early Friday morning, it was reported by troopers via trooper dispatch.

Troopers responded to the scene in Big Lake at 3:30 pm on Thursday afternoon after the man called 911 from his residence, and “made threatening statements that he was going to kill everyone in his residence,” troopers said on Friday.

Troopers and SERT responded to the address and began negotiations with the suspect that spanned several hours.

By evening, the suspect’s girlfriend was able to to get out of the residence, but she was unable to bring her three-year-old son with her.

Negotiations continued throughout the evening and an arrest warrant was issued for the suspect and a search warrant was granted for the residence.

Around midnight, “The front door to the residence was breached to establish communications with the suspect,” troopers say. Then, at about 12:20 am, the suspect came to the front door with the child, when he did so, he also had with him “a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other.”

Troopers report that the suspect was shot by a SERT member. It was reported that the man “placed the child in imminent danger.”

Ultimately, the suspect died at the scene despite “attempts at life-saving measures.” Next of kin notifications are underway trooper state. They also report that the woman and child are safe.

As per department policy, the names of the officer(s) will not be released for 72 hours.